Second Skin: A Revolutionary Discovery

Paul M. Graham, D.O.

On Monday, Living Proof and M.I.T. reported in the Journal of Nature Materials the use of an invisible polymer that could be applied to the skin surface, providing enough elastic support to give the skin a more youthful, elastic appearance. In this report, “second skin, (XPL)” was applied to the lower eyelid fat pads of 12 subjects demonstrating a significant decrease in herniation and providing a more youthful look. This discovery is revolutionary and at this point, it has applications in cosmetic and general dermatology, drug delivery, and barrier protection.

This polymer is applied via a two-step process: application of a clear liquid to the skin surface followed by the application of a catalyst, thus providing stronger structural support. Researchers state that they have the ability to adjust the structural support and permeability of the polymer by modifying the properties of chemical bonds. With such customizability, this substance could potentially change the way we manage the appearance of aging and the treatment of many dermatologic diseases. In the future, I predict that this discovery will act as the foundation to the development of many new products outside the scope of medicine.

Check out the MIT Video Here – Engineering a second skin

Original Article – An Elastic Second Skin


Photo Credits: Olivo Labs, Cultura RM Exclusive/Liam Norris/Getty

Article Credit: Journal of Nature Materials

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