Video: KTP Laser Procedure

Platform: NewSurg KTP 532nm Diode Laser

Indication: Telangiectasias (superficial blood vessels)

The KTP laser is designed to specifically target superficial blood vessels and dark spots that are located on the skin. This laser device offers safe, quick, and effective results with minimal associated downtime. Side effects are limited to mild pain, redness, swelling, and rarely blistering and lightening of the surrounding skin. This laser can only be used in individuals with lighter skin types in order to prevent the risk of skin hypo/depigmentation.

Overall, the KTP 532nm Diode laser is a great device for those looking to get rid of blood vessels, redness, and dark spots on the skin.

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Example photo courtesy of NewSurg

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2 thoughts on “Video: KTP Laser Procedure

    1. The KTP is typically used for spot treatment of blood vessels and dark spots, which typically takes 5-10 mins. If diffuse redness is present, the full face can be done but would take close to 20-30mins and this modality is not ideal. I’d recommend the IPL if full face treatment is requested. Thanks for the question.


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