“GRASS” – Anti-Aging Acronym for Perfect Skin

Dr. Paul M. Graham

For several years, I have been in search of the perfect anti-aging skincare regimen to recommend to my patients. Recently, I came across a great marketing campaign by SkinMedica. They coined the acronym “GRASS” to make it easier to remember the various aspects of anti-aging skin care. The acronym “GRASS” stands for growth factors, retinols, antioxidants, specialty products, and sun protection. All of these components are vital to the restoration of aged skin and play a significant role in collagen and elastin production.

Please make sure to check out our previously published article entitled Anti-Aging Secrets: The Daily Skincare Routine for more information on specific product recommendations.

Also, stay tuned for a future article detailing my personal daily skin care regimen.

Photo Credit: Skinmedica.com; Drmarylupo.com; Thederminstitute.com

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