Celebrating the Importance of Nurses: National Nurses Week 2018



This week marks a very special and important week for nurses everywhere. National Nurses Week begins each year on May 6th and ends on May 12th, which signifies Florence Nightingale’s birthday. Florence Nightingale’s invaluable work saving lives and laying the foundation of the nursing profession has captured the hearts and minds of both nurses and the general public.

nursesweekNurses play absolutely one of the most important roles in healthcare. Without our nurses, doctors would be limited in their ability to treat patients. Furthermore, nurses provide much more than just physical care. They give patients the emotional support and comfort that is vital to the healing process. The unconscious love and care that nurses provide surpass any other quality of patient care in the medical field.

With my own mother being a nurse, this has really opened my eyes to the importance of this job and has taught me invaluable lessons on respect, empathy, compassion, and kindness that is emulated every day through nurses around the world. Thank you to my mother and to all the wonderful nurses out there representing medicine in such a special way. Your commitment, hard work, and dedication will never go unnoticed or unspoken. Thank you for all that you do and the lives you have changed in this world! 


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