The War on Skin Pigmentation: Part 2

Written by Dr. Katie Wang Edited by Dr. Paul M. Graham Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH), also known as dark spots, is one of the dermatologists most difficult problems to treat. This is a very common problem that is often disregarded or not treated appropriately within doctor’s offices, hence a need for more tailored treatment by aContinue reading “The War on Skin Pigmentation: Part 2”

Cosmetic Laser Procedures: The Basics

Written by Paul M. Graham, DO Lasers treatments are one of the fastest growing cosmetic procedures performed by dermatologists worldwide. In this article we will touch on the fundamental concepts of laser devices and outline the specific indications for this popular procedure. In 1963, Dr. Leon Goldman pioneered the use of lasers in the treatment of various skin conditions,Continue reading “Cosmetic Laser Procedures: The Basics”