Chemical Peels: Modern-Day Alchemy

Paul M. Graham, DO Edited by Lacey Elwyn, DO Chemical peels are one of the oldest cosmetic procedures performed, with historical records dating back to ancient Egypt. During this era, various oils and acids were applied to the skin in an attempt to achieve skin rejuvenation. In the late 19th century, chemical peels became popularContinue reading “Chemical Peels: Modern-Day Alchemy”

Car Windows: Am I Protected from the Sun?

Written By Dr. Paul M. Graham For many years, dermatologists have observed an increase in skin cancer incidence and aging occurring on the left side of the face more than the right. How can this be? Well, the answer is quite simple and easy to understand. On Thursday, Reuters published a report regarding the lack of sun protection, specifically UV-AContinue reading “Car Windows: Am I Protected from the Sun?”