Itching for Relief: Dry Skin Care

Written by Sara Wilchowski PA-C Edited by Dr. Paul M. Graham We are officially at the start of the winter season and the cold dry air is wreaking havoc on our skin. For those who live in regions where the weather changes dramatically, this time of year can be quite a challenge. To help make it easier … Continue reading Itching for Relief: Dry Skin Care

The Itch That Rashes: Eczema

Written by Sonya G. Zarkhin, DO Edited by Paul M. Graham, DO For years, patients and their families have gone into their dermatologist's office for their itchy skin and left with a diagnosis of "eczema", or atopic dermatitis. Unfortunately for many, getting the correct diagnosis was a complete breeze compared to understanding the root cause of … Continue reading The Itch That Rashes: Eczema

Tip of the Week : Dry Skin Care

Dr. Paul M. Graham Do you suffer from dry, cracked skin in the winter? This is a very common reason for dermatology visits during colder weather months. The good news is that today's tip will help preserve moisture giving a youthful, supple appearance to the skin.  What you need:  1 large tube of Vaseline or … Continue reading Tip of the Week : Dry Skin Care

Should I Supplement My Child with Probiotics?

Written by Jeff Blattner and Collin Blattner, DO Edited by Paul M. Graham, DO Parents constantly inquire about what they can do to protect their child from the development of skin diseases. Well, if the parents have a skin condition called atopic dermatitis, probiotics may help. Probiotics are natural organisms that have a symbiotic (working together) relationship with our … Continue reading Should I Supplement My Child with Probiotics?

Hydrate and Protect: Skin Restoration

Written by Lacey Elwyn, DO Edited by Paul M. Graham, DO Our goal with this article is to provide our readers with the necessary knowledge to read ingredient labels of cleansers and moisturizers and make informed decisions when choosing between the best skincare products! Winter is coming and so is the struggle with dry cracked skin. Nothing feels better … Continue reading Hydrate and Protect: Skin Restoration