The Basics of Facial Fillers

Written by Dr. Paul M. Graham In this article, we will discuss the characteristics of injectable soft-tissue fillers, which are used to restore facial volume and youthfulness. In the past several years, there has been a paradigm shift in the approach to the aging face. Historically, physicians would tailor filler treatments to target specific lines and wrinkles without addressingContinue reading “The Basics of Facial Fillers”

The Millennial’s Guide to Cosmetic Procedures

Paul M. Graham, D.O. As millennials enter their third and fourth decade of life, more and more are seeking advice from dermatologists for early signs of aging. For those of you that have heard the term millennials, but don’t know what this means, here is my mediocre attempt to define it. Millennials describe a group ofContinue reading “The Millennial’s Guide to Cosmetic Procedures”

Cosmetic Laser Procedures: The Basics

Written by Paul M. Graham, DO Lasers treatments are one of the fastest growing cosmetic procedures performed by dermatologists worldwide. In this article we will touch on the fundamental concepts of laser devices and outline the specific indications for this popular procedure. In 1963, Dr. Leon Goldman pioneered the use of lasers in the treatment of various skin conditions,Continue reading “Cosmetic Laser Procedures: The Basics”