Wound Care Concierge Part V: Types of Wounds

Paul M. Graham, DO In this article, we will describe the most common types of wounds typically encountered by physicians and discuss in detail the characteristics of varying wound etiologies and treatment options available for each. Without an appropriate wound care treatment regimen, chronic wounds may develop. One of the most important aspects of wound care is preventing theContinue reading “Wound Care Concierge Part V: Types of Wounds”

Wound Care Concierge Part III: The Power of Protein and More

Paul M. Graham, DO Sources of Protein for Wound Healing As I mentioned in a previous post (Wound Care Concierge Part II: Nutrition), it is recommended that a healthy adult consume at least 0.8 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight per day (60-70 g for a 70 kg adult) for proper nutrition and woundContinue reading “Wound Care Concierge Part III: The Power of Protein and More”

Wound Care Concierge: Part 1

Introduction to Wound Care Paul M. Graham, DO Proper wound care is vital to the restoration of normal skin function and integrity.  Without the adequate care, many open wounds have the potential to become infected.  These infected wounds lower the bodies ability for appropriate wound repair.  This could lead to the formation of a chronicContinue reading “Wound Care Concierge: Part 1”