What is the best way to care for a wound?

Written by Paul M. Graham, D.O. Let’s face it, it is almost guaranteed that sometime during your lifetime you will experience an injury that causes a skin wound. For many, the wound is only superficial and relatively mild but for some, these wounds can be quite extensive and distressing. One of the biggest fears people haveContinue reading “What is the best way to care for a wound?”

Wound Care Concierge Part V: Types of Wounds

Paul M. Graham, DO In this article, we will describe the most common types of wounds typically encountered by physicians and discuss in detail the characteristics of varying wound etiologies and treatment options available for each. Without an appropriate wound care treatment regimen, chronic wounds may develop. One of the most important aspects of wound care is preventing theContinue reading “Wound Care Concierge Part V: Types of Wounds”