Expert Dermatology Advice and Beauty Secrets for FREE!

Expert Dermatology Advice and Beauty Secrets for FREE!
Having been a patient myself, I realized one of the most important things I can do for me was to educate myself. Learning about the conditions my loved ones or I have not only lets me have a better control of my life but also helps me communicate with others including physicians for a more efficient treatment and prevention. Dr. Paul Graham’s Dimensional Dermatology blog is not only educational but it is interesting, concise, and easy to read and understand. The articles always begin with the basics so I can further build my knowledge. Dimensional Dermatology distinguishes itself from other blogs because 1) it is written by a panel of expert dermatologists who are passionate about what they do and 2) all the articles cite information from articles published from renowned medical journals. Physicians who educate their patients are incredibly valuable in my opinion as we depend on them for guidance. When you read the DD’s articles, you can tell how passionate they are in practicing dermatology and in educating their patients. This website is very useful for trying to understand what causes certain skin conditions and aging and starting your own daily skin care routine for prevention and beauty! Thank you Dimensional Dermatology!